Jonathan Stone is a professional Creative Director and Digital Designing specializing in the apparel and fashion industry.  Graduating from UCLA (2006) with Bachelor's of Arts in Anthropology, Human Complex Systems, and Japanese, he has pivoted his career and applied his education to digital designing.  With over a decade of experience, he has expert technical skills in the software and production techniques used in all aspects from manufacturing to marketing.


  • Typography
  • Hand Illustration
  • Painting
  • DSLR Photography
  • Photo Manipulations
  • Japanese & Spanish Language
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign
  • WordPress Admin
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat
  • Mac & PC Proficient

Creative Director

MTM Special Ops Watch

Los Angeles, CA

  • Leading a team of marketers, product developers, and graphic designers to rebrand and launch a new website, social media presence
  • Managing website updates and social media : Increased social media following on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter
  • Running cross-platform give-away contests (2k Games, Warner Brothers, Military Badassery, and more)
  • Creating and maintaining a cohesive look to the brand
  • Working with marketing team to produce new print and digital advertisement campaigns to effectively engage audiences and increase traffic to new site



Culver City, CA

  • Worked with small and large businesses to achieve clients goals 
  • Increased traffic, revenue, and branding effectively and efficiently
  • Managed teams remotely and on site
  • Painted and sold original fine artwork through galleries and online sales
  • Focused on : Fashion Design (Athletic, Outerwear, Denim, Graphics), Graphic Design, Branding Identity Packages, Presentation Material Layouts

2013 - 2016


Lyrical Stylings

Culver City, CA

  • Created clothing and personal art company focusing on online and gallery sales
  • Typographical Lyrical Based Graphic Work
  • Managed Branding, Production, Manufacturing, and Shipping
  • Entrepreneurship

2013 - 2015


Ultimate Brand Management

Los Angeles, CA

  • Oversaw creation of all graphics and CAD work for multiple fashion lines under the Ultimate Brand Management umbrella
    • EVO : Designed my own line of street wear and athletic gear
    • Con Garra : Headed design team to produce a full street wear line for Fox Deportes and a latino audience
    • REWASH Denim : Lead my team to expand and rebrand a Women's denim line with Men's and Women's streetwear
    • Nickelback Denim : Created denim based fashion line for international rock band Nickelback
    • MMA Elite : Expanded fashion and athletic gear line of Popular mass sales brand.  Created promotional material for sponsored UFC Fighters and MMA fights
    • Lights Out : Created Graphic Tee line for football star Shawne Merriman
    • VXC : Designed complete Women's athletic line for Kim Couture and professional MMA women fighting team : Vixen Crew
    • Abbey Dawn : Designed fashion and promotional material line for Avril Lavigne
  • Lead a team of designers to create exciting looks for new and existing fashion lines
  • Taught weekly classes to improve Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills to all company employees
  • Specialized in Streetwear, Denim and Athletic Clothing

2011 - 2013


Doctrine Apparel

Los Angeles, CA

  • Lead creaive design of graphics and outwear
  • Kept brand on target and updated
  • Designed original artwork and bodies for men’s line
  • Oversaw all aspects of production from concept to delivery
  • Produced and oversaw Fashion Shows and Celebrity Brand Events (Wangotango, Project Ethos, etc)

2010 - 2012


M... The Movement

Los Angeles, CA

  • Designed for Men's and Women’s contemporary lines
  • Specialized in design for Women's Line
  • Graphic work for all types of jobs
  • Original graphics and bodies for men’s and women’s
  • Produced and oversaw High Fashion runway way shows at many events including Rock the Mansion at The Playboy mansion, Coachella, and LA Fashion Week

2006 - 2010


Citron Clothing

Los Angeles, CA

  • Collaborated and produced original artwork with Designer for custom textiles
  • Created textiles for new brand: Atorie
  • Graphically supported larger parent company with custom graphics and promotional materials



Johnny Was

Los Angeles, Ca

  • Designed original embroidery artwork for Men’s and Women’s Fashion lines
  • Lead all artwork for several fashion lines under the Johnny Was umbrella: Johnny Was, JWLA, For Love and Liberty, etc.
  • Developed brand and promotional materials for trade shows and sales teams

2006 - 2008