Jonathan STone

Jonathan Stone is a creative designer and branding expert specializing in all aspects of product design and development from concept to completion.  He is currently Creative Director at MTM Special Ops Watches where he has lead a team to re-brand and relaunch the tactical watch brand with greater mass appeal.  His direction of the website, print and digital advertisements, and social media outlets have seen a dramatic increase in links, followers, and most important: sales!

With over a decade of experience in graphic design, fashion design, creative directing, branding, and marketing, it is Jonathan's mission to provide creative services and solutions to both large and small businesses to achieve their goals.  Whether they are looking to increase sales, develop new products, or re-brand for the contemporary marketplace, Jonathan has been effective and efficient in reaching their goals and telling their story through his art and direction.


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As far back as I can remember, I have always loved and have had a driving passion for design.  Art has always been my passion, even as I was studying at the University of California, Los Angeles (graduating with degrees in Anthropology, Human Complex Systems and Japanese), design was always on my mind.  I produced a comic about Dorm life in the dorm news paper, designed graphics for the local radio station (KROQ) and every page of my notebook was covered in drawings.

Once I graduated I jumped full force into pursuing a career in art and design from the ground floor.  I've gained invaluable experience of functional knowledge of each position on my rise from Graphic Artist to Creative Director.  My education has sets me apart from other candidates and gives me a unique perspective on how to reach customers on a core cultural level.

As a creative person, I am constantly learning and pursuing my interests.  When I find something I am interested in, I jump in full force and want to be a creator in that pursuit.  This drive has taken me from learning Japanese and calligraphy, brewing craft beer and making artisan cheeses, roasting coffee, and exploring fine arts of painting and illustration.